The Story Behind Sepiida Prints

Hello World! Welcome to my corner of the interweb. I am Bee, the designer behind Sepiida Prints. I started out on my planner journey in 2010 by geeking out my planner which quickly progressed into sharing printable planner goodies with other like-minded people. This is my little place to share what I’ve created with you.


With a clear headspace, well-being and personal growth in mind. Combined with quirky, whimsical planner stickers and clean minimalist design. I want to help you declutter your mind with thoughtfully made functional planner printables enabling you to stay focused on what matters most and create a better lifestyle.


I believe that small alterations can give rise to
strikingly great outcomes.


I am passionate about finding nerdy ways to help people solve problems and reach their goals.


- A treasure trove of printable planner goodies.

- Helping to bring creative projects to life.

- Well-being, medical and health resources.


Striving to be a positive influence for resilience, change and personal growth.

A Little More About Me.

cartoon meet the artist

"Nocturnal ink enthusiast with a tendency to horde thoughts. Chaos theory and everything in between. The hapless plans of an introvert". ~ Bee