Just the important stuff you need to know about Sepiida Prints privacy policy and terms of service without all the confussing jargan. Last updated on the 16/10/2019.

Privacy Policy: We do not share or store your personal data, we have nowhere to keep it. We do not sell third party products, services or advertising. You may browse and use this website, anonymously in peaceful enjoyment.

Contact: We only contact you if you ask us to do so and volunteer your contact information. You can contact us at anytime via our contact form. We despise junkmail and will never send you spam or marketing materials.

Terms: I ask that you DO NOT share or sell my digital files. This includes uploading onto your website or other media and providing in a collection for download or as printed goods. That means my publicly displayed digital files are FREE for personal use only.

Copyright Disclaimer: This website’s content and services are the copyright of sepiidaprints.com other graphics and company names mentioned or used within the website may be the trademarks or copyright of their respective owners. © Copyright Sepiida Prints 2010-2019. All Rights Reserved.

Exceptions - The Vault Services

The Vault: We do save your email. This is required to create your personal account login. This applies to The Vault membership only. This is a premium paid service and entitles the user to access exclusive content via subscription. You may not redistribute vault digital files or share your login. That means my digital files are for personal use only. Access may be revoked for non compliance.